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What is an HMS Training?

HMS Training is customized training for students at all levels.

What makes us so effective?

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English for High Performance Sales and Marketing

International Sales and Marketing English is essential to success in many sales organizations.
HMS English for International Sales and Marketing provides the training you need to perform your Sales Career easily and well.

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Meeting Moderation Training

Much valuable time is wasted in meetings. The answer? Effective Meeting Moderation. Our 2 day intensive Meeting Moderation Seminars get results fast!

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Over 20 Customized Courses for Your Career

An HMS Custom Course is special training in your field. We currently have over 20 Courses to choose from. All courses focus on the Vocabulary and focus on the Situational you need in your career.
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New Updated: English for Real Estate Asset Management

New for 2016 HMS English for Real Estate Asset Management. Combines the needed vocabulary and language skills for Standard and Technical Asset Management in an easy to follow course. B1 level or higher.

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Why choose HMS?

LearStar Plus- The Learners Advantage

IT is a fact that in today’s fast paced environment, the only training which sticks is the training that engages us emotionally.  Training where the trainers feel confident they can learn and demonstrate a measurable level of success.

A Focus on Customized and Personal Coaching

HMS helps your team become more effective by providing a continuous learning environment with professional coaching.

HMS Success Cycles: Creating a Culture of Continuous Learning.

HMS Success Cycles take a proven learning method, customizes it to the industry, then adds the learning fun to it.